Mostrando entradas de diciembre, 2013


She violently caught her prey,
Becoming a kind of a hunter.
It met a deadly fate,
As a fish out of the water.

Minutely,its details she saw
To understand the message of it.
No one seeing, for sure,
Her trying to hide in a pit.

Her ecstasy was flowing
As she kept going on.
She didn’t hear the growling
Phantoms at the next door.

Feeling satisfied with her scrutiny
The cover of the book she closed.
Now, her next prey waited gloomily
Since the end of its life had come.

[[ Poema inspirado, en un microcuento que escribí hace años. Lo hice como un trabajo para la Universidad ]]

Concrete Inspiration

Female of concrete
Delicate as a flower,
With two lemons for breasts
And an empty space as a head.
her color is fading away
As the shadows when sun rises.
La mona sin cabeza
Makes you fall in love
Besides blowing your mind.

[[ Poema basado en un párrafo que tuve que escribir para una clase de Escrito. La inspiración se la debo a La Mona sin Cabeza, del Peda <3  ]]